New Philosophy (Integral) Formation
New Paradigms of Information Age and Knowledge Based Society

Emerging Global Information Society needs New Age (Integral) Philosophy. What is the philosophy foundation for the Information Age Consciousness Transformation (Development and Extension)?
How to start building a new construction for conscious perception of the new emerging reality?
We don't have another experience except starting composing existing building blocks joining them by new vision.
New percievable reality may be direction of such construction (YD,1999)
This page is a revelation vision of vital needs for creation of chalanging point, place or step toward the development of the New (integral) Philosophy of emerging Global Information Society. The meeaning of words (language, phrases and constructions) is so big in philosophical exploration that there is no way to express new vision and new reality perception except to start wording consciousness logs of a mental travelling in the new conscievable reality of our extensivable universe.
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