New Paradigms of Information Age
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Integrity Paradigm

Integrity or Extegrity
Integrity Paradigm shift and Consciousness Transformation.
General comments prio to discussion of Integrity Paradigm
Yuri Demchenko, September 1999



Here is an attempt to present another/new relativistic view of the Universe and our conceiving world or explored reality. In some way it goes on deeper in altering relativistic presentation/transformation of observed/conceived/explored material/physical world/reality. The main background/reason of one more attempt in exploring/tackling traditional philosophical problems is development of Information Society based on Global Networked Information Infrastructure which creation author is active participant.

This James Rose's work is dated by 1973, some revisions but rather insufficient, was done in 1992.
Given making detailed analysis of the theory it becomes obviously that it contains some typical features of theory of that time when Physics was the leading front of the nature exploration and technology development. That time is often referred as Technological society or formation.

Development of Information Technologies (IT) and Computer Networks and Communications (hereafter Internet) leaded humankind into Information Age or Information Society which is characterised by Information as a main value of the New/Information Society and  Knowledge as a main component of the production/reproduction system of Information/Knowledge based Economy.

Since leading industrial countries moved to the new economy based on IT and Computer Networks (Internet) development, the main values of the new emerging Information Society sufficiently changed.  Years 1997-1998 were defined as years when humankind entered new Information Society based on world wide spread and availability of the Internet. Together with changing structure and components of the production systems the main paradigm(s) of our life has changed.

Information Society distinguishes in many features from previous formations such as Industrial and Technological Societies both of which has changed during the life of middle age people:

Meaning of Information and it's role changed though we don't have enough clear definition of the information as well as it's new and extending nature. The most important paradigm shift in Information definition and its role in the new Information Society/Economy/Production is in accepting Information as a main value and important component of the new production system.

Another important  issue/fact/reality lays/correspond to/related to explosive increase on communications network speed and capacity. It allows (change) uniformity of all technologies aimed on/used information exchange, interaction mediation and Society development.

Humanity (industrialised nations) empowered by IT and communications began to perceive new reality and explore integration of all conscious(ness) activities.
Information and Knowledge dissemination,  access and exchange almost instantly is changing the way people interact, product, consume and develop forming new emerging reality/environment Global Consciousness.

The main foundations of forming/developing Global Consciousness are the following:

But a number of smaller new questions/problems to be solved/resolved at general philosophical level

Notes on the fields:

Yuri Demchenko, September 1999