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Philosophy and Religion

What is the philosophy choice for our Information Age, World without Frontiers and Virtual Cyberspace? - The Silence of Mind. - Supramental Transformation. - The Way...

Integral Yoga

As a philosophy of human transformation in the New Information Age.
Carlos Castaneda and Teaching about Intents management
Don Juan Teaching of Consciousness transformation and External World traveling. Godless Spiritual Teaching BUT very close to other ones in Consciousness transformation. Multiple Worlds of Reflections and Perceptions.
Karma Theory and Philosophy
Karma is only mechanism but not the reason of earth being, When the first man appeared he had not karma. To be led by only God, The Highest Truth - that what it mean to follow Karma.
The Religion of Western Mentality and Jesus Christ Teaching about Man Paradise.

New Age (Integral) Philosophy
Foundation - Information Society - Noosphere - Consciousness Trasformation - Philosophers
Emerging Global Information Society needs New Age Philosophy.
The Philosophy of Information Society and Information Age will combine the Philosophy of Reality of Material World extended TO and BY Information and Knowledge HyperSpace. The Time is the new dimension - the process go to be the access and retrieval.

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