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Archive of Webcasting Events 
Webcasting information
The Spring 2001 Internet2 Member Meeting broadcast 
March 7-9, 2001,Washington, D.C.

The Spring Member Meeting has a focus on policy and strategic planning, to complement the more technical and applications focus of the Fall meeting. Breakout sessions are organized into four tracks:

  • Advanced Applications
  • Middleware
  • Network Planning and Engineering
  • Relationships and Partnerships
The University of Oregon with the support of Cisco Systems will netcast the Internet2 members meeting in Washington D.C.The sessions will be encoded with H.261 and MPEG-1 codecs.

Session announcements are currently live for testing -
1. H.261 Broadcast.  The H.261 stream will be visible to users with the  standard multicast tools from the UCL Mbone Conferencing applications  archive, and most other free and commercial tools that can can handle  H.261/PCM.  For information about setting up MBone tools for  Windows95/NT, Macintosh, and Unix, see:

2. MPEG-1 Broadcast.  The MPEG-1 stream will be generated using IP/TV, a  streaming video server from Cisco.  The IP/TV MPEG-1 stream will be  visible either with IP/TV, MacTV, or MIM.
Windows users can download IP/TV 3.1 from:
Macintosh users can download MacTV from:
UNIX users can download MIM from:

audio -
video -

audio -
video -

News about up-coming events can be found at:

Friday 16th February 2001 at 15:30GMT, CINECA will stream 
the 779th Accademic Year Inauguration of Padua University.

Web Broadcast on 8 February: 
"Responding to e-business Security Attacks"

Web broadcast on 8 February will learn about Tivoli's comprehensive, integrated risk management solution for preventing, proactively managing, and responding to security issues.

Berkeley Multimedia, Graphics and Interfaces Seminar
CS 298-5, Spring 2001

Wednesday   1:10 - 2:30 
405 Soda Hall (Fujitsu Seminar Room)

Seminar Information and Archive

Date Speakers Archive Replays
1/17/01: Organizational Meeting
(Lawrence A. Rowe, U.C. Berkeley)
1/24/01: The How and What and Why of 
Keynote Systems Streaming Media Measurements
(Chris Overton, Keynote Systems, Inc.)
Real Archive
1/31/01: Distribution Architectures for Dynamic Internet Traffic
(Peter Danzig, Akamai Technology, Inc.)
2/7/01: Structuring Internet Media Streams with Cueing Protocols
(Jack Brassil, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories)
2/14/01: Real World Experiences with Enhanced Television
(Dave Bacher & Dave Brubeck, Wink Communications)
2/21/01: Distributed Tutored Video Instruction:
Building a Shared Audio-Video World
for Collaborative Learning
(Randall B. Smith, Sun Microsystems Laboratories)
2/28/01: BEEP, APEX and the Next Generation of XML-based Internet Protocols
(Marco R. Gazzetta, Invisible Worlds)

Visit the Course Website

Web Broadcast on 7 February: 
Content Manager and VideoCharger 7.1 Enhancements

Join IBM's Web broadcast on 7 February, "Content Manager and VideoCharger 7.1 Enhancements", to learn about the new, customer-requested, features. The broadcast covers ODMA support, version control, and object server replication in Content Manager, and the new server filter support and transparent client in VideoCharger.

The TF-STREAM videoconference, Part III
Thursday February 1 from 13.00-16.00 (UTC+1)

3rd European-wide H.323 videoconference in the framework of TF-STREAM (the TERENA Task Force on realtime multimedia applications, especially network video). 
The goal of the meeting was to set up new goals and deliverables of the task force and translate them into actions with a deliverable leader attached.
The Agenda of the Videoaconference can be found at

Minutes will be posted at TF-STREAM webpage

12th Colloquium on Blasting and Drilling 
at the the Technical University of Clausthal.

Live broadcast on Friday (26.1.2001) and Saturday (27.1.2001)
The broadcast will begin Friday at 14:30 MEST and probably last till 19:00 MEST and 
Saturday at 9:00 MEST and till approx. 13:00 MEST.

More information can be found at
(Page and broadcastwill be in German language only!)
The Broadcast will be in Realplayer Format and later be archived and  rebroadcastet at the same URL.

Live broadcast 7.12.2000 starting at 19.30 MEST
Peak Oil - A Turning Point for Mankind  by C.J.Campbell

C.J.Campbell  is going to talk about the depletion of oil. 
He is a petroleum geologist and have been studying the subject directly and indirectly for many years.
There will be a press conference with C.J.Campbell starting at 11:00 MEST. 
It will be broadcastet at the same URL as the presentation.
The presentation and the broadcast will be in english.

The broadcast will be in Realplayer Format and later be archived and
rebroadcastet at the same URL.

 Some more information could be found at
(in German only)

Web Broadcast on 15 November: 
e-business Technologies for the Next-Generation Internet

Latest technologies and applications that make e-business possible on the Next-Generation Internet, such as Java, XML, Linux, and more.

  IBM Java 
Real Player

NGC2000, the Second International Workshop on Networked Group Communication
Live multicast from the Stanford University Campus Nov. 8-10

The conference s being transmitted in real-rime via Source Specific Multicast. Sessions are only available by SSM. For information on joining, see the University of Oregon Videolab
session page at: to join.
The conference is being held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California from November 8th to the 10th and the program can be found at:
The focus of the Workshop is strictly on multicast and networked group communication. This Workshop is the second and only international event in this area (first workshop was in Pisa, Italy, in November 1999).

Ist Leukämie bei Kindern eine angeborene Erkrankung?
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Repp ( University Erlangen- Nuremburg) 
20.00 Novemebr 9, 2000 (in German only)

MBone - channel "Uni-TV (live)"
Realserver -
More sessions (
will follow every thursday till 8.02.2001at 20.00 MET 
The video technique involved is described on
Other Uni-TV Events -

IST200 Stream Archive
Webcast 6-8 November, 2000 -
Archive to be posted at

What's New with Linux at IBM
Upcoming webcasts on July 12, September 6, November 8, 2000
IBM Java 
Real Player

Fall 2000 Internet2 Member Meeting Netcast
Please note that these links will be live only during the scheduled time. 

If you are an Internet2 member and your system supports IP multicast connectivity, you can view these sessions using IP/TV; otherwise they will be available for viewing using Realplayer. 

Sessions will be archived to make them available at a later date. 
Plenary Sessions:
    Monday, 30 October - 1:15pm to 2:30pm
Real IP/TV
    Bill St. Arnaud, Senior Director of Advanced Networks 
    CANARIE, Inc.
    Tuesday, 31 October - 8:15am to 9:30pm
Real IP/TV
    Brian Carpenter, Program Director, 
    Internet Standards and Technology
    Wednesday, 1 November - 11:30am to 12:45pm 
Real IP/TV
    Mark Poster, Professor of History 
    University of California, Irvine
Town Meeting 
    Tuesday, 31 October - 5:00pm to 5:30pm
    Moderator: Jane Ryland, Internet2
 Real IP/TV
Rialto Performance Event
    Tuesday, 31 October - 8:00 to 10:30pm
Real IP/TV

Please contact your local network administrator first to make sure that your system has IP Multicast connectivity. You must also configure your IP/TV client to use our content manager:
Meeting Content manager:
Rialto Event Content Manager:

Megaconference II 
October 31, 2000: 10:15 - 11:45 AM and 1:30 - 3:00  PM (Estern USA time)
Megaconference will be held at the morning and afternoon parallel track sessions of the Fall Internet 2 members meeting  on 29 October-1 November 2000 in Atlanta, GA.
The schedule for the entire meeting is now available at
Megaconference Streaming Video Information

Video Links
National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan (Use Microsoft Media Player)
Provides 56K and 150K speed
56K modem or Ethernet is required

SURFnet, Utrecht, The Netherlands (Use IBM VideoCharger Player)
MPEG-1, 1.5Mbit/s
2Mbit/s downstream Internet connection on a Multicast enabled network.
Requirements: Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows NT 4.0 and NetscapeNavigator or Microsoft IE as a Web-browser

University of Illinois (Use RealPlayer)
RealNetworks Producer as a 225.1 kbps single bandwidth stream of a 320x240 pixels image

The Ohio State University (Use QuickTime)
Requirements: Multicast enabled to Internet2
This broadcast runs at 384 K bits/sec, so viewers need a fast Internetconnection.
Equipment provided by Starbak Corp.

Video Software Downloads
Microsoft Media Player
IBM VideoCharger Player

NANOG 20 - Carnivore Update (Marcus Thomas, FBI)

The Carnivore update presented by the FBI's Marcus Thomas at the 20th NANOG meeting held in Washington DC October 22-24 in Washington DC, is arguably the most complete and detailed briefing yet on the functionality, use and legal implications of Carnivore. This talk was meant for a technical audience, and the dicussion and questions from the audience are very enlightening. Major thanks should go to the folks from Merit/NANOG for managing to schedule this talk, to Marcus Thomas and the FBI for their candor, and the NANOG crowd for asking the important questions.

This and other sessions and tutorials were streamed live via real-player (by MERIT networking), and multicast live in h.261, mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 (by the University of Oregon Videolab. In the future we would encourge remote users to take advantage of the live sessions during the conference. more NANOG info can be found on the web at, including past meetings, slides for talks, and archived real-player streams.

IVIA FTP, you can retrieve the file from:
A mirror, provided by a Milwaukee based service provider (thanks Joe Greco) is at:
A mirror provided by oven digital (thanks Adam Rothschild) to the nanog list is at:
Runtime is 54 minutes, Bitrate is 1000Kb/s, Filesize total is 382MB

You can also watch the session via a multicast mpeg-1 client, such as IPTV (windows), MACTV (macintosh with qt 5.0 beta), or XMIM (linux freebsd solaris).

The Session announcement is: NANOG 20 - Carnivore Update
Multicast Address Information:

Video IP Address:
Video UDP Port:         59082

Audio IP Address:
Audio UDP Port:         25062
the session loops approximately once an hour...

Live broadcast of the Ceremonial Matriculation and Ceremonial Change of Rectorate 
of the Technical University of Clausthal
October 27, 2000

The first boadcast will begin at 10:00 MEST and may last till 12:00 MEST
The Broadcast of the Ceremonial change of Rectorate will begin at 16:30 MEST 
and may last till 19:00 MEST

Some more information could be found here: 
(in german language only!)

Note. Both Broadcats will be in Realplayer Format and later be archived and
rebroadcastet at the same URL.

 Real Player

What's New with Linux at IBM
Upcoming webcasts on July 12, September 6, November 8, 2000
IBM Java 
Real Player
The fall 2000 NANOG meeting broadcast
October 22-24, 2000,  Washington, D.C.

Topics include Carnivore, a session on DDos, route filtering, Next Generation Internet (SURFnet5), QoS related topics (RED), Multicast Performance Measurement, IGP convergence and proposed changes to the BGP spec. 

You can watch Monday & Tuesdays sessions via Real or multicast:
Multicast sessions:
H.261 video - audio -
The H.261 stream will be visible to users with the standard multicast tools from the UCL Mbone Conferencing applications archive, and most other free and commecrial tools that can can handle H.261/PCM.  For information about setting up MBone tools for Windows95/NT, Macintosh, and Unix, see:
MPEG1 video - audio -
The MPEG-1 stream will be generated using IP/TV, a streaming video server from Cisco.  The IP/TV MPEG-1 stream will be visible either with a liscensed or demo version of IP/TV or with MIM, a UNIX MPEG streaming client developed at the University of Oregon:
Users can obtain IP/TV 3.0 from:
RealMedia Session:

Mbone tools 
Real Player

The Standard's iB2B Conference live webcast

Visit the Conferences Video Center to view The Standard's iB2B conference webcast LIVE from The Palmer House in Chicago, Illinois.
This webcast is FREE and there is no registration required. The webcast will be broadcast only at, on:

  • TUESDAY, 10/3 from 8:30am to 12:30pm, 3:00pm to 5:30pm CENTRAL TIME
  • WEDNESDAY, 10/4 from 8:30am to 1:30pm CENTRAL TIME
A full conference agenda is available on the iB2B website, at:
For on-demand video of conferences hosted by, visit:

NORDUnet 2000 conference live streams
from the Finlandia Hall
September 28-30, 2000

Two parallel sessions full of interesting talks on all kinds of academic networking issues including streaming.
If you can't attend in person the conference in Helsinki, one of the seven European cities of culture in year 2000, you are welcome tune in to the online version. FUNET-TV will stream both parallel sessions of the conference live to the viewers on the Internet by the means of several streaming video technologies.

  • H.261/RTP + PCM/RTP multicast
  • MPEG-1 systems stream over RTP  multicast
  • Real G2  (28Kbit/s and one faster speed in a surestream) unicast
  •  Litton CV2 MPEG-2 streaming (TBA) 
For more information please see: (streaming information) (main home page)
1.4 Mbit/s
MPEG-1 (FVC comp.) 
Real G2 unicast

The Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees together with the opening ceremonies of the new academic year will be held at Helsinki University of Technology's (HUT) main building, Otakaari 1, in Otaniemi, Espoo, starting at 1 p.m (GMT+3), Sept. 8, 2000. The duration of the ceremonies is approximately 3 hours.  The event is being televised locally on campus and FUNET-TV will relay it live to the viewers on the Internet by thea means of several streaming video technologies.
  • RTP/MPEG-1 systems stream (FVC compatible) 1.4 Mbit/s
  • RTP/H261 + RTP/PCM traditional MBONE protocols at 500-1000Kbit/s
  • Real G2 (only 25 users) unicast at slower speeds (28.8/ISDN)
For more information, please see:
1.4 Mbit/s
MPEG-1 (FVC comp.) 
Real G2 unicast

Berkeley Multimedia, Interfaces, and Graphics Seminar (CS 298-5 Spring 2000)
Webcasting on Wednesday 1:10 - 2:30 (Pasific)
5.04.00 - Building the 4th Generation, All-IP Cellular Network (James Kempf, Sun Microsystems) 
12.04.00 - CueVideo: Automated Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval (Dulce Ponceleon and Savitha Srinivasan, IBM Almaden Research Center) 
19.04.00 - Multicast Debugging (Bill Fenner, AT&T Labs - Research)
26.04.00 - SMIL/XML ... (Patrick Schmitz, Microsoft Corporation) 
3.05.00 - Design and Evaluations of Multimedia Proxy Caching Mechanisms for the Internet (Reza Rejaie, AT&T Labs - Research) 
Seminar Archive -
Adaptive (34 K, 200 K)  Real Player

University Of Oregon To 'Multicast' Prefontaine Classic
For the first time ever, the Prefontaine Classic is offering live webcast coverage on Saturday, June 24 from 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. 
You will be able to watch all the track and field action as it happens, see interviews with top athletes, and track the official scores. 
The live webcast will not only extensively cover the meet itself but will add never before seen video clips of Steve Prefontaine, Bill Bowerman, and our own Nike sponsored athletes.
56 K
300 K
MS MPlayer

Multi-University Research Laboratory Seminar Series
Future Seminars May 2000 -
Time: 15.30 (Pasific)
Statistical Zero Knowledge by  Amit Sahai     (MIT) - 2.05.2000
 Networking At Home - Directions in Connected Computing for the  Consumer by Kevin Kahn  (Intel) - 4.05.2000
50 K
100 K
MS MPlayer

Ceremonial act of the 225th anniversary of the Technical University of Clausthal
Live broadcast - Friday 16.06.2000 starting at 14:30 MEST
 Real Player

NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop, 15-19 May, 2000,  Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Webcasting information -

What's New with Linux at IBM
Originally Aired May 17th 2000
IBM Java 
Real Player

Webcast of Workshop on Policy Networking with QPM
28 April 2000, TERENA, Amsterdam, 10:00-16:00

TERENA and Cisco organised workshop on Policy Networking with QPM webcast from TERENA offices (with technical support of SURFnet).
For more information visit the TERENA Technical Programme Events page at

Multistream (28 K, 220 K)  Real Player

Stardust TalkRadioTM - weekly talk show focused on next generation Internet technologies, products and services. Hosted by Dan Fortune, the show is available in MP3. 
Monthly archive of former talk shows starting from August 1999
  • Akamai tackles streaming media

  • Jami Axelrod of Akamai on distributing video-on-demand and live streaming media to the network edge, and lowering the cost of Internet broadcasting
    TalkRadio exclusive interview at
  • 13 interviews from Spring Internet World (TalkRadio) -  recorded at Spring

  • Internet World 2000 in Los Angeles:  Intel talking about wireless home networking and Home RF, John Patrick of IBM talking about the next-generation Internet, and other shows dealing with voice over DSL, Internet appliances, and smart radios.
  • Directories, policy, measurement topics at iBAND3

  • Rick Roeling of Hewlett-Packard explains the COPS protocol; Kathi Nichols
    of Cisco discusses directories, policies & schema; and KC Claffy of CAIDA
    speaks about topology, workload, performance and routing statistics. 
    Listen in MP3 format recorded at iBAND3
LoQuality/High Speed
MedQuality/Medium Speed
MP3 Player

Multi-University Research Laboratory Seminar Series
Seminars January-April 2000 -
Dates: 16.03, 28.03, 30. 03, 6.04, 11.04, 13.04, 18.04, 25.04, 27.04.2000
50 K
100 K
MS MPlayer

Spring 2000 Member Meeting Netcast Archives

 Real Player

The 2nd European Videoconference 
in the framework of TERENA TF-STREAM 
Tuesday april 4th from 14.00-16.00 hrs (GMT+1)
MS MPlayer

Multi-University Research Laboratory Seminar Serias
January-April 2000
50 K
100 K
MS MPlayer

ResearchChannel OnAir Programs -
White House National Medals of  Science & Technology 
Live Broadcast: March 14, 2000, 11:30am Pacific, 2:30pm Eastern
      Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
Medium Speed
High Speed
 MS MPlayer

Moving your apps to the web! - March 22, 2000, 10:30am ET and 2:30pm ET
IBM Host Integration Solutions to reach expanded business opportunities using   open, multiplatform technologies.
 MS MPlayer

IBM Enterprise Information Portal - Teleconference on 14 March, 2000
IBM Enterprise Information Portal can help to leverage the vast amount of information supporting today's e-business applications.
 MS MPlayer

Berkeley Multimedia, Graphics and Interfaces Seminar: 
Caching Support in Standards-based RTSP/RTP Servers
Wednesday March 15, 2000, 1:10 - 2:30 PST 
Recorded -
Adaptive (34 K, 200 K)  Real Player

NGI related Networking Conferences And Meetings

80 K  Real Player

EE380 Colloquium at Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory 
February 5 - March 8, 2000
128 K  MS Mplayer

CSC/FUNET-TV: Enterprise Forum
Eight consecutive Thursdays on 15:15-17:30 GMT First lecture is 20.1.2000 and last on 23.3.2000.
Enterprise Forum covers topics such as economics, strategic management, international business, innovation and technology management, technology finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 
TU-91.142 course webpage -
Forum Archive at FUNET media archive server  (MPEG-1)
High speed H.261 -video (>1Mbit/s)  FVC.COM I-TV Viewer
Real G2
(25 users max) 
Real Player G2

Live Video Broadcast -
High speed H.261 -video (>1Mbit/s)  

Stardust TalkRadioTM - weekly talk show focused on next generation Internet technologies, products and services. Hosted by Dan Fortune, the show is available in MP3. 
Monthly archive of former talk shows starting from August 1999
LoQuality/High Speed
MedQuality/Medium Speed
MP3 Player

Internet Film and Music Festival are running what they claim to be the world's first Internet Film & Music Festival scheduled to run from February 20 - March 20, 2000. 
Festival -
56 K
300 K
Macromedia Flash 4

5th March, 2000,  13.30 - 15.00 (GMT+1) 
Experimental TV/Internet broadcast on TV channel Nederland 1 and 
on the Internet by SURFnet. SURFnet provides the high-bandwidth 
videoconferencing links and the high-bandwidth IP Multicast 
MPEG-1 / H.261 streams.
MPEG-1 IBM VideoCharger server -
H.261 FVC.COM I-Studio streaming server (; user=demo; password=demo)
MPEG-1 SURFnet-TV3 Cisco IP/TV server ( )
H.261 FVC.COM I-Viewer and Guide
MPEG-1 IBM Videocharger Player
MPEG-1 Cisco IP/TV Viewerr

"The Euro Clock is Ticking!" Web Broadcast on 7 March, 2000
Are you ready for the challenges of conversion to the euro -- a project more complex than Y2K? IBM's experts in a Web broadcast on 7 March to cover the key requirements of making systems ready for the euro, how IBM can assist you, and how IBM will promote your application.
MS Mplayer

The 1999 Nobel Lectures and interviews with the 1999 Nobel Laureates
(On-demand broadcast)
Adaptive (34 - 200 K)  Real Player


Past Meetings and Conferences

4th TERENA TF-STREAM meeting, TERENA, Amsterdam, 27 November 2000 -

iBAND Network Showcase mirrors real-world technology progress
The Network Showcase at iBAND, to take place November 8-10, 2000 in San Jose, CA, will host multiple technologies and products from at least a dozen vendors running in parallel to support a broad mix of IP services.
This is the fourth in a series of networks engineered by members of the QoS Forum and exhibitors at the iBAND event. See

Multicast Routing Workshop at RIPE37 - Amsterdam, 12 - 15 September, 2000
Tuesday 12 September, 10:00 - 17:00
The tutorial focuses on multicast applications and therefore the largest part of the tutorial will be dedicated to demonstrating three selected applications. A demo network with servers and end-user stations will be set up for this purpose. The three selected applications are:

Streaming Media Conference and Exhibition, October 10-12, 2000, London  -
Protocols for Multimedia Systems. Cracow, Poland, October 22-25, 2000 -

51st MPEG WG11 Meeting - March 20-24, 2000, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands -

mcast2000 - The 4th Annual IP Multicast Summit. February 7-9, 2000 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott

First European H.323 videoconference (TF-STREAM) -