Video and streaming over the Internet
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Internet Multimedia and Streaming products

Popular Media Players

RealPlayer G2 -
Microsoft Windows Media Player -
Apple QuickTime -
MP3 player -
IBM Video Charger -
Free FVC.COM I-Viewer and Guide -
VBricks StreamPlayerII -
Macromedia Flash 4 -

Players and Plugings
MPEG1 player and SGI Webforce MediaBase plugin -
Oracle Video Client plugin client -


Download IP/TV 3.0 (59 MB) for Windows from -
Note: 3.0 download includes IE 5.0 and Microsoft ActiveMovie 6.4.

FVC Video Portal

Joel Jaeggli's Multicast client page at
Setting up MBone Tools for Windows95/NT, Macintosh and Unix
Client Software for Windows Client Software for Macintosh Client Software for UNIX Server Software

Content Manager VideoCharger for Multiplatforms V7.1
Delivers High-Impact Video and Audio Content
IBM Content Manager VideoCharger* V7.1 supports AIX*, Windows NT**, and Windows 2000** servers, MPEG-2 video, HotMedia* format files, Apple QuickTime** 4, and more. VideoCharger delivers digital video and audio content in multimedia data streams to multiple users for viewing on the Web.

Microsoft's Digital Broadcast Manager
Microsoft have released the developer preview of their Digital Broadcast Manager software. The software is aimed at developers wishing to build commercial (ie. pay to view/listen) streaming media web sites. It is based on the company's proprietary Windows Media Format. The final commercial release of the software is scheduled to be released "later this year".
Digital Broadcast Manager -
Windows Media -

Entera Inc: Internet Content Delivery Technologies -
Streaming Video, Streaming Audio, Web Caching
Streaming Servers: TeraCAST Server Lite (max. 30 streams),  TeraCAST Server Plus

VBricks Systems
VBricks provide true two-way television or one-way NTSC/PAL 30 frame per second live streaming video with CD-quality stereo sound on a end to end basis over your network.
EtherneTV provides instant television broadcasting to a virtually unlimited number of desktops. -

NetCache Streaming Media Solutions -

Akamai Streaming -

instaStreamSM Audio & Video Services from Mirror Image Internet enable ISPs and e-businesses to deliver uncompromised, high-quality streaming media -

InfoValue Video Streaming Solutions

QuickVideo Multicast (QVMC) uses IP Multicast technology to bring TV broadcasting to corporate networks and desktop PCs. QVMC delivers high quality videos with easy-to-use TV-like operations. QVMC integrates QuickVideo OnDemand (QVOD) to enable exciting features such as "instant replay" and "automatic recording".
QuickVideo OnDemand (QVOD) is an innovative software product that seamlessly delivers high-performance video streaming to networked users. QuickVideo OnDemand 4.0 enables high-performance video-on-demand applications, capable of serving hundreds of interactive high-quality video streams simultaneously. Technology, services, & standards for tomorrow's Internet, today
Products: LiveCaster, LiveGate, multikit

IP Videoconferencing (H.323) at Global Videoconferencing Solutions, Inc.

Developer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of networked Video over IP solutions: Desktop Videoconferencing Systems; MediaConnect 8000; MediaConnect 6000; VoiceFinderTM; VCON Development Kit (VDK)

PictureTel Corporation
Developing, manufacturing and marketing a full range of multimedia collaboration solutions.
PictureTel has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to sell the Intel ProShare Video System 500. PictureTel also has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to sell the Intel® TeamStation™ System - http:/

The Clearinghouse for Streaming Server Information -

CNET reviews 3 top streaming media players

Buyer's Guides & Tests at the Network World Fusion site
Information on many terminal end stations including platform, cost, features and functionality.

Video servers

Multicast Session Directory - mSD
An application that parse incoming SAP/SDP messages and translates them into an HTML-page from which sessions can be started using the mLaunch-application.
Current mbone sessions -

Real time messaging products

MPEG Product overview

Videoconference Products and Services -

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