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Projects and Technical Information on Video and Streaming related technologies

Projects and Initiatives 

European NRENs

Multimedia demonstration environment for creation and distribution of content in an open research and education environment

SURFNet Videoconferencing and Streaming Services

SURFnet Video over IP Project Video Conferencing Advisory  Service at JANET (Product Advice; VCAS Helpdesk; Training; Technical Advice; Announcements; Consultancy; General Advice; Videoconferencing Tools)

FUNET-TV development project of CSC and the Finnish universities to produce Internet networked multimedia services to the Funet network that support the study and learning in the Finnish universities

Video on Demand page at Internet2 site in Israel -
Information about VoD projects at Internet2 in USA, Europe and Israel

DANTE in PRINT No. 40 "TEN-155 Multicast" by Jan Novak (DANTE) and Peter Heiligers (DFN)

Video and images editing and indexing -
Project at Leiden University Imaging and Multimedia Group (LIM) at the Dept. of History o f Art

Rediris MBONE services (in Spanish) -

IST VideoGateway Project at University of Athens -

Rediris MBONE services (in Spanish) -

IST VideoGateway Project at University of Athens -

Metropolitan ATM Network for teleteaching and telemedicine -

Telepoly - A Teleteaching Scenarion supported by high Speed Networks by T.Walter, H.Haenni -

European Streaming Media Union -
Announced on January 6, 2000 by foundators CanalWeb (France), Kamera Interactive (Sweden) and Men@Work (Belgium), Nomad online agents (Switzerland) and A: work in Progress (Netherlands).

Internet2 and worldwide projects

Internet2 Video Development Initiative

Internet-2 Videospace

Projects on multilcast at  -

I2-NEWS: C-SPAN, iCAIR and Internet2 Announce New Digital Video Initiative

New video streaming service for Internet 2/CA*net 3 institutions by Callisto
The intention is to provide video-streaming services for those Universities that are connected to Internet 2, CA*net 3 or other
international R&E networks. Callisto's intent is to give instructors and students the opportunity to explore the use and
application of streaming media in educational settings.
Callisto is contacting current members to solicit feedback on a proposed new service on CAnet*3 (Canada) and Internet 2, and other international networks to help universities and colleges get started with broadband video streaming.
Callisto is a CANARIE funded organization that has developed some innovative video streaming and storage technologies for the educational market.

BELLE - Broadband Enabled Lifelong Learning Environment
Canarie sponsored broadband video streaming and content repository project called  BELLE - Broadband Enabled Lifelong Learning Environment. Netera Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation of universities, research institutions, government and small and large private-sector companies facilitating advanced information infrastructure in Alberta. It has offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and operates throughout the province.

The MASH Project -
The MASH research group at the University of California, Berkeley developed a scalable multicast-based multimedia architecture for distributed multimedia collaboration in heterogeneous environments. The MASH infrastructure and system is in actual use in University to distribute a graduate course over the campus network to students in their offices and at home.

Videoconferencing  over ISDN for Education Initiative -

Network access to the Vanderbilt Television News Archive -

Lucent Technologies launches new venture in broadband video,GeoVideo Networks, for HDTV-quality Internet video over fiber - Press-release of March 28, 2000.

Techical Information and Guides

Glossary of terms for Realtime Multimedia applications  -

IP Multicast Technology Central at -
Multicast technologies Glossary -

IP Multicast and the Mbone at SWITCH
IP Multicast: References

Links on multilcast at  -

Real Time Protocol Overview -
Glossary -

Video on the Internet. A Guide to the Digital Encoding and Transmission of Moving Image Data -

BELNET IP Multicast information page -

Streaming Media Guide and Resources (update 1998) -

Videoconferencing Cookbook by SURA (Southeastern Universities Research Association )Video Development Initiative -

IP Multicast deploying & managing

MPEG Plaza - The source for MPEG  -

Multicast Deployment Made Easy. IP Multicast Planning and Deployment Guide. - Cisco Design Implmentation Guide. -

Linux multicast information -

MBONE information website -,

8 steps to multicast deployment (Viewpoint)
Confused about how to deploy multicast, or where multicast is in its development as a mature technology? Kevin Almeroth describes the eight distinct steps from research to a history of service.

IP Multicast security
The IP Multicast Initiative's State of the Art report from June 1999: IP Multicast Security, by Thomas Hardjono of Nortel
Networks. The report includes discussions of security of IP Multicast routing protocols, including Reliable Multicast.

News and Archives

Stardust TalkRadioTM - weekly talk show focused on next generation Internet technologies, products and services. Hosted by Dan Fortune, the show is available in MP3. Monthly archive of former talk shows from starting from August 1999
MP3 Player
  • 13 interviews from Spring Internet World (TalkRadio) -  recorded at Spring Internet World 2000 in Los Angeles:  Intel talking about wireless home networking and Home RF, John Patrick of IBM talking about the next-generation Internet, and other shows dealing with voice over DSL, Internet appliances, and smart radios. 

  • Directories, policy, measurement topics at iBAND3 

  • Rick Roeling of Hewlett-Packard explains the COPS protocol; Kathi Nichols of Cisco discusses directories, policies & schema; and KC Claffy of CAIDA speaks about topology, workload, performance and routing statistics. 
    Listen in MP3 format recorded at iBAND3
  • MP3 page -
  • LoQuality/HighSpeed
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    RealPlayer - Streaming Media Industry Intelligence News - Industry directory -
    Streaming Media Talks -
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