Verb + preposition combination

1. List of common verbs and the prepositions that normally follow them
account for  agree on agree with apply for 
belong to  take care of complain to  comply with
consist of  depend on  hear about  hear from
look at  look for pay for  rely on 
talk to think about  think of  wait for
write to      


After several hours, the committee agreed on a joint statement.

I really like the new design. What do you think of it?

The new building will have to comply with though planning regulation.

2. The following verbs can be followed by an object and a preposition
ask someone for blame someone for
borrow something from congratulate someone on
divide something into insure something against
invest something in protect someone from
provide something with spend something on
supply someone with  thank someone for


We spent too much on advertising last year.

Could you supply the plant with two tonnes a month.

Management blamed the union for provoking the strike.

3. The following verbs are not usually followed by preposition
phone meet enter tell discuss


I'll phone the committee tomorrow. (NOT: phone to committee)

Do you need visa to enter the EU? (NOT: enter to the EU)

NOTE. In AmE we can say meet with someone.

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1999. Compiled by Yuri Demchenko.