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"Main difficulties in English as Foreign Language For Russian/Ukrainian speaking people"

This site intends to be the first Internet site especially oriented for Russian and Ukrainian speaking community and covers the main difficulties frequently encountered by native Russian and Ukrainian speaking people even with long experience using English as a professional language.

This site is created as post-course summary and based on available handbooks, manuals and Internet resources which are referenced in the relevant places.

The site contains Grammar reference, Examples of useful documents, Exercises and Quizzes.

All non-original information is referenced and is credited to original owners and authors.

All original information is free for distribution and use.

This information is provided only for personal use.

No commercial use of this site is supposed.

No commercial advertisement and banners will be placed on these pages.

Copy for academic use  is upon notification only.

The creator of this site is looking for cooperation with professional ESL teachers in its further development.

Further development of this site and cooperation are welcome.

Yuri Demchenko

1999. Yuri Demchenko.
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