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Listen news in English BBC Radio | Voice of America - Talk to America 

Grammar and Writing

Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook - Extremely useful information, a number of model documents from the course "Introduction to Technical Communications" taught by David A. McMurrey at Austin Community College (

Guide to Grammar and Writing 

Resources for ESL Students

English as a Second Language (ESL) – Resources for Students at Maryville University

Learn English with English Club

Phrasal Verbs by Dennis Oliver. Lists, Definitions, and Examples

The Most Common Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

Common Errors in English

Guide to English Phonetic System: Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics:

Speaking English fluently

Business English: Grammar, Usage, Excercises

Business English Exercises: several multiple choice exercises for a variety of grammar (selected grammar quizzes) and vocabulary (selected vacabulary quizzes links) exercises, reading and listening exercises.

Self-Study Tools: Lessons, Tests, Quizzes, Links - an interactive language portal: The Phrase Dictionary: Academic Writing Phrasebook -

English Language quizes (Russian language front page - requires registration)

Internet TESL Journal: a wonderful site including Internet treasure hunts, jokes, crossword puzzles, and other games and activities that making learning English fun -

Links of Interest to Students & Teachers of English as a Second Language

230 Common Proverbs -

English as a Second Language Learning Materials: Free and Handy!

Instant Lessons - Practices for Students, Resources for Teaches, Vacabulary Practices

Online Materials for Language Teachers

ESL Curriculum, Supplemental Activities for Teachers and useful materials for Students

Listening practice - Real audio sites

Online Information about ESL TOEFL and TOEFL Preparation Tools

Local Resources on Grammar, Usage, Career Development

Local collection of some selected Quizzes for ESL Learners

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