Works in progress: Security, Networking, Grid, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Data Science
by Yuri Demchenko

Publications, Technical reports, Works in progress, Presentations, Tutorials
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  1. EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF), Release 4, 31 December 2022 - Ongoing development, updates are contributed by adopting projects and institutions
  2. Big Data Architecture Framework (BDAF) by UvA Architecture Framework and Components for the Big Data Ecosystem. Draft Version 0.2, 12 September 2013 (Local copy)
  3. Open Cloud eXchange (OCX): Architecture and components. Proposal by GN3plus JRA1 Task 2 Network Architectures for Cloud Services. Draft version 0.8 (Public), 27 September 2013 (PDF)
  4. Cloud Reference Framework. Editor Bhumip Khasnabish, Internet Draft, 2 July 2013 (draft-khasnabish-cloud-reference-framework-08)
  5. On-Demand Infrastructure Services Provisioning Best Practices. ISOD-RG Deliverable Version 1.3. [online]
  6. Intercloud Architecture Framework for Interoperability and Integration, Release 2, Draft Version 0.7. SNE Technical Report 2012-03-02, 1 July 2013. (Local copy)
  7. Generic Architecture for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Provisioning Model, Release 1. SNE Technical Report 2011-03, 15 April 2011. (Local copy)
  8. Service Delivery Framework for on-demand services/resources provisioning, Version 0.2. Geysers Project Technical Document, September 2010. (Local copy)
  9. Composable Services Architecture. Draft version 0.2. GN3 technical document,July 2010. (Local copy)
  10. Security Languages for Access Control and Authorisation: SAML and XACML Languages Overview. Aaauthreach Project Technical Report, version 0.5, April 2010.
  11. Security in Computer Grids. Aaauthreach Project Technical Report, version 0.6, October 2009.
  12. XACML Obligations expression and handling in distributed Grid applications. Draft version 0.3, October 17, 2007. Editor Yuri Demchenko. (Local copy).
  13. “White collar” Attacks on Web Services and Grids. Grid Security threats analysis and Grid Security Incident data model definition. - Draft Version 0.4, August 14, 2005 - Work in progress.
  14. The Incident Data Exchange Format Data Model and XML Implementation - August 2005. -  (local copy)
  15. DemchenkoY. Using WS-Federation and WS-Security for Identity Management in Virtual Organisations - Work in progress, 2004.
  16. Requirements for Format for INcident Report Exchange (FINE) - January 2005 - (local copy)
  17. Demchenko Yu., Overeinder B., Boonstra H.M. Security Architecture for Open Agent Systems. - Work in progress: in cooperation with IIDS Group, Vrije Universiteit (intended for submission as a research paper to one of conferences or magazines on Mobile Agent Systems). - Work in progress.
  18.  Tools used by CSIRTs to Collect Incident Data/Evidence, Investigate and Track Incidents - Yuri Demchenko, October 2002 (Local copy)
  19. Video and Streaming over the Internet as a Component Portal Solution - Yuri Demchenko, February 2000 - December 2001 (Local copy). 
  20. TF-STREAM, Real Time Multimedia Applications (Chapter 7. TF-STREAM Deliverable on Web repository and index of publicly available audio/video material). - TERENA Technical Report, 2002.
  21. The Guide to Network Resource Tools (GNRT) 2nd (2000) and 3rd (2002) editions - Project development and technical support by Yuri Demchenko
  22. Multilingual Support in Internet/IT Applications. - 1997-2001 (Local copy)