Technical reports and analytical works on Internet and Computer Networking Technologies
by Yuri Demchenko

Publications, Technical Reports, Works in progress, Presentations, Tutorials
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Since 1998 - Professional work in the area of Internet Technologies and Security

  1. FAIR Competence Framework for Higher Education (Data Stewardship Professional Competence Framework), FAIRsFAIR Project Deliverable D7.3, Contributors Yuri Demchenko, Lennart Stoy, Claudia Engelhardt, Vinciane Gaillard (Zenodo link)
  2. EDSF: EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF), EDISON Project product, Ongoing development and maintenance.
  3. ZTPOM: Zero Touch Provisioning, Operation and Management Architecture, GEANT4-2 Project, 2017
  4. OCX: Open Cloud Exchange, GEANT4-1 Project, 2014-2015
  5. GEMBus Architecture, GEANT3 Project, Rep. Deliverable DJ3.3.2, January 2011. Contributor.
  6. Preliminary LICL Software release. GYSERS Project Deliverable D3.2, May 2011. Contributor.
  7. GEYSERS overall architecture & interfaces specification and service provisioning workflow.
     GYSERS Project Deliverable D2.2, February 2011. Contributor.
  8. Functional Description of the Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer (LICL). GYSERS Project Deliverable D3.1, October 2010. Contributor.
  9. Initial GEYSERS Architecture and Interfaces Specification. GYSERS Project Deliverable D2.1, August 2010. Contributor
  10. Updated GAAA Toolkit library for ONRP, Phosphorus Project Deliverable D4.5. March 2009. Contributor, Editor.
  11. AAA/AuthZ infrastructure and functional components to support Optical Network Resource Provisioning at larger scale, Phosphorus Project Deliverable D4.4. June 2009. Contributor, Editor.
  12. GAAA toolkit pluggable components and XACML policy profile for ONRP, Phosphorus Project Deliverable D4.3.1. July 2008. Contributor, Editor.
  13. AAA scenarios and test-bed experiences. Phosphorus Project Deliverable D4.2. September 2008. Contributor, Editor.
  14. "AAA Architectures for multi-domain optical networking scenario's", Edit. & Contrib. Y.Demchenko, Phosphorus Project Deliverable D4.1. September 2007 (Local copy)
  15. "AAA Technologies for Optical Networks: Overview and Architecture selection", Edit. & Contrib. Y.Demchenko, Phosphorus Project Milestone Deliverable M4.1. March 2007 (Local copy)
  16. Filling the Gap with GAAA-P: Gap Analysis of Authorisation technologies and solutions for Optical Light Path Provisioning, By Yuri Demchenko, Bas van Oudenaarde, Leon Gommans. -  Technical report, RoN GP-NG, 2006. (Local copy)
  17. CNL2 Detailed Security design: Authorisation and Policy Enforcement. - Technical report, CNL2 Project, 2006. (Public Draft)
  18. Security operational procedures (second and third revision). - EGEE MJRA3.10 Deliverable, February 2006.
  19. Secure Credential Storage. - EGEE MJRA3.5 Deliverable, September 2005.
  20. Web Services and Grid Vulnerabilities and Threats Analysis. - Draft  version 0.2. - EGEE Technical Document, August 22, 2005. (Local copy)
  21. Grid Security Incident definition and exchange format. - EGEE Technical Document, August 22, 2005. (Local copy)
  22. Security operational procedures (first revision). - EGEE MJRA3.6 Deliverable, April 2005.
  23. Using SAML and XACML for Authorisation assertions and messaging: SAML and XACML standards overview and usage examples. - Draft version 0.2. - March 28, 2005.
  24. Providing Integrity and Confidentiality with the XML Security: XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption overview and usage examples. - Draft version 0.1. - January 13, 2005.
  25. Policy Enforcement framework for Web Services and Grids - Authorisation and Policy Standards Overview.
  26. Grid Security Incident definition and exchange format. - EGEE MJRA3.4 Deliverable
  27. Dictionary of the Computer Security and Incident Response (more than 100 terms) (Local copy)
  28. Web Services Authorisation Policy Standards Overview - Draft version 0.1. - March 29, 2004
  29. Network Identity management and Liberty Alliance Project (LAP) - Overview by Yuri Demchenko

  30. Overview of existing and developing systems for Authentication and Authorisation and Policy/Role based Privilege Management -Yuri Demchenko, April 2003.
  31. Security Architecture for Open Grid Services and related developments: GGF5 and follow-on developments overview
    - Yuri Demchenko, October 2002. (Local copy)
  32. Global Grid Forum: Moving to Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) - Overview of GGF4 and follow-on developments - Yuri Demchenko, May 2002 (Local copy)
  33. E-Readiness Assessment of Ukraine. Report prepared within the Government of Ukraine/UNDP Programme Innovation Springboard: Leveraging ICT for Ukraines Prosperity with the support of the State Committee on Communications and Informatisation. - UNDP Ukraine, 2002 -
  34. Notes from European Middleware Workshop (EMW2000) - - (Local copy)
  35. Recent developments in European Research and Education Networking. Overview. - Yuri Demchenko, January 2001
  36. Notes about possible European Internet2 Cooperation Programme - Yuri Demchenko, October 18, 1999 -

1994-1998 - Initial period of Internet deployment in Ukraine

  1. World Wide Web (WWW) (Using Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) technologies in Education)  - Yuri Demchenko, September 1997  (Russian) - Abstracts (Russian)
  2. ' . (Using Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) technologies in Education)  -  Yuri Demchenko, September 1997 (Russian)
  3. Development of Internet infrastructure in Ukraine and forming National Information Resources - Yuri Demchenko, Yuri Korzh - June 1998
  4. Overview of the Best of Practice in ccTLD administration. - Contribution to CENTR Foundation  (BCPccTLD.html, centr-ccTLD_overview.doc) -
  5.   (Research and Education Networks in Ukraine: Possible scenarios - Analytical Overview ) - Yuri Demchenko, July 1998 (Ukrainian) -