The Integrity Paradigm by James N. Rose
The Integrity Paradigm binds together all things related to how our Universe exists and what and how we conscieve of our living environment in one unified picture still fimiliar and comprehensible to us.
This page is devoted to promotion and further development of Integrity Paradigm by James N. Rose. First formulated in 1973 it contains a number of thought provoking ideas. However in conditions of emerging Information Society/Formation and changing concept of Information we see shifts of most modern paradigms.
Integrity Paradigm started as intend to create unified field theory has Information as a key concept of integral presentation of Universe. With changing role and meaning of Information some ideas of Integrity Paradigm needs reconsideration and extension.
New Age (Integral) Philosophy
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"Our universe harbours nothing that is 'alien' to its own existence.  Human Beings - as a global population and as progenitor of future ones - are on the threshhold of maturing into vaster comprehensions about the depth and fullness of just what this means.  The Integrity Paradigm hopes to be one of the lamps to help guide our way in this regard."
"The Integrity Paradigm explores actual processes and the meaning of processes, it examines all possible ways of communication, and makes a singular thesis about how every act, every qualia of existence, portrays actuality and possibility." (James Rose)

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