Esoteric Physical and Energetic systems
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Esoteric Systems
New Age (Integral) Philosophy

Carlos Castaneda's Teaching about Intents (management and empowerement).

  • Tensegrity: Carlos Castaneda's Esoteric System

  • Carlos Castaneda learned that for us to perceive any of the worlds that exist beside our own, not only do we have to covet them, but we need to have sufficient energy to seize them. Castaneda reveals a series of body positions and physical movements forming Tensegrity system that enabled sorcerers, and their apprentices, to empower thier intents and navigate their own sorceric journeys.
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  • Healing Tao and Tai Chi Chi Kung by Mantak Chia.
    The Healing Tao is a practical system of self-development that enables the individual to complete the harmonious evolution of the physical, mental and spiritual planes and the achievement of spiritual independence.
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    Tantra Yoga as teaching of releasing from habitual behavoirs
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