Projects on Internet and Networking Information Technologies implementation and development

Initiated and supervised by Yuri Demchenko at CAD KPI in 1994-1998

Multilingual Support in Internet/WWW Applications

Informational WWW server on Multilingual Support in Internet/WWW Applications

Registration of a Ukrainian Cyrillic Character Set KOI8-U (as extension to Russian KOI8-R and ISO-IR-111). - KOI8-U RFC-draft. - Activity in the frame of TERENA WG-i18n working group.

TERENA WG-I18N / WG-MSG Pilot Project "Multilingual Email Clients - A Test"

Educational Projects

Professional Education in Networking Information Technologies (PENIT) - Project on Development of Instructional Methodology and Educational Courses on Internet and Networking Information Technologies and Services.

Basic Internet Training and User Suport - Developement of Internet Training Materials on Russian and Ukrainian Languages and Pilot Implementation of Internet Training Courses.

NetLib - Educational Network Library on Internet and HTML Technologies - Project on establishing WWW Server of Internet Educational and Training Materials for wide Internet skills dessimination and users support.

Projects on development of Internet Information Resources


List of projects

  1. WebIT - Project on Internet Publishing for scientists and researches in different areas of activity.
  2. WWW Information Resources in Ukraine - Database of Ukrainian WWW information resources
  3. Internet Pavilion - Project on establishing Web Server and creation of Information Resources about Ukrainian Historical and Cultural Heritage

  4. Call for Sponsorhip.
  5. Multilingual Support of WWW Information resources for Ukrainian, Russian and other languages and pilot implementation on CAD WWW Server.
  6. CWIS - Campus Wide Information Service for KPI POLYTECH Campus Network (Realization for Faculty and Department)