Basic Internet and Computer Networking Technologies Courses

Lecturer:? Yuri Demchenko, Associate Professor
???? Computer Aided Design Department, NTUU "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"

1. Computer Network Technologies and Design (6 credits)

Part 1. Computer Networks Basics. LAN and WAN Technologies (2 credits)
Part 2. Internetworking and Network Management (2 credits)

2. Information Resource Management. HTML/WWW Publishing (2 credits)

3. Advanced Computer Networking Technologies (3 credits)

4. Internet Business Applications and Organisations' Internet/intranet Information Proceses Re-Engineering (2 credits)

5. Concept of European Open Information Society? (2 credit)

Complimentary. New Age Philosophy Overview

6. European Multilingual Society and? Multilingual Support in Internet/WWW Applications? (3 credits)